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About the Instructor: Sensei Abraham Cerezo founded Cerezo's Martial Arts in July 1989. Sensei Abe has over 25 years culminating experience in the martial arts. Sensei Abe has been certified by the National Karate Jiu Jitsu Union. A union of martial artists which believes that there is no one dominant fighting art. Sensei Abe also has his Masters of Science in Education, Counseling. He has been a social worker and also a counseling therapist.

In addition to Shito-ryu karate, Sensei Abe studied Zen Shoto Kai, Muk duk kwan, Shotokan and Nisei Hakko Jitsu. All of which pertains to Sensei Abe's philosophy on the martial arts that "there is no one dominant fighting art. The more you learn the better you will become."

Cerezo's Martial Arts is a professional training center for prospective karate and jiu jitsu practitioners.

There are many benefits of learning karate and martial arts. Both children and adults can learn to build self-esteem and confidence, improve their mind and spirit, and get good aerobic exercise.

At Cerezo's Martial Arts, the focus is on gaining self-discipline and building confidence, as well as learning self-defense. Self-discipline and confidence are the inner strengths which are nurtured and then mobilized to create a more healthy person in mind, body and in spirit and in turn enable them to defend themselves better.

Classes consists of karate basics:



hand strikes


kicks (consistent with Japanese and Okinawan open-hand systems)



Classes consist of jiu jitsu basics:







ground fighting



Basic forms (katas) are taught as exercises used to practice fighting techniques. And basic one-step techniques (combination of blocks and strikes for self-defense.) are also taught to give the student a working knowledge of each technique taught in the class.

Through martial arts training, sensei Abe strives to teach kids a better way to communicate, have respect, acceptance of people for who they are and willingness to learn new things while keeping an open mind. As for adults, sensei Abe strives to show them healthy ways of relieving stress and getting a good aerobic workout.

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