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At Cerezo’s Martial Arts, we believe in team spirit. We develop and strengthen the family unit. When individuals work together as a team their individual talents will naturally improve. Families who kick together stick together!
Mission of Team Cerezo

Team Cerezo is a demonstration team formed of elite students from Cerezo’s Martial Arts to perform and entertain at public events. Team Cerezo will promote the martial arts in an entertaining format. Team Cerezo will perform 15 minute and 30 minute demonstrations at community events.

Team Cerezo will utilize empty-hand karate to include grappling, throwing, striking, blocks and kicks. Team Cerezo will also utilize martial arts weapons to include bo, jo, kama, nunchakus, sai, tonfa, and bokken. The format will entertain as well as educate the general public in regards to Cerezo-ha Shito-Ryu.

Team members minimum age will be 6 years of age. There is no maximum age limit. Students K-12 grade must show a “C” average with no unsatisfactory grades in citizenship.



List of Past Performances

Barbara Comstock Morse Elementary January  2007

Discovery Church Harvest Festival October 29, 2006

California State Fair August August 12, 2006

Prairie Elementary School September 2006

St. Charles Catholic School May 2006

California State Fair August 21, 2005

Theodore Judah Elementary School Carnival June 10, 2005

North Laguna Creek Annual Park Day June 4,  2005

2005 Pacific Rim Street Fest May 22, 2005

Charles Mack Elementary After School Celebration March 15, 2005

Barbara Comstock Morse Elementary New Year's Celebration Jan 2005

Discovery Church Harvest Festival October 31, 2004

King Skate School Anniversary September 18, 2004

Assembly member Darryl Steinberg Summer Youth Fair: May 22, 2004

2004 Pacific Rim Street Fest: May 23, 2004

California Martial Arts Day at the State Fair (award) 2002

State Assembly Recognition of Martial Arts Day (award) 2001

TEAM MEMBERS minimum grade point average 2.5

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